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Digital Business Card

Client Can Easy To ✅ CALL You ✅ Message You ✅ WhatsApp You ✅ Email You ✅ Connect On Messenger ✅ Connect You Using Contact Form ✅ Rating ✅ See Your Products Details ✅ Read you Blog ✅ Company Details

Digital Business Card

What is a digital business card?

Digital Business card can be in the form of webpage or PDF file. Webpage digital card will be a single page portfolio of you or your company and related information with all single clickable links.

What is a digital business card?

This way client can directly call, email, WhatsApp, save your Business card. There is no need to carry your card separately neither there is need to use same design and content all the time like paper Visiting Card We have searched for multiple alternative to replace physical visiting card and finally we come up with My Digital Business Card Your Digital Identity.

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Digital Business Card

Why Should you use a Digital Business Card or Digital visiting Card ?

For the last four centuries, we're using paper business cards. Basically, most paper is made from wood (tree). The most disappointing thing is that 'more than 88% of business cards are thrown out a week after they're exchanged.' Now you can imagine how many trees are cut down. Digital cards are easy to share and most applications provide various ways to share your digital cards with people via text (SMS), email, social media, and more. Client Can Easy To ✅ CALL You ✅ WhatsApp You ✅ Email You ✅ Connect On Messenger Digital business cards allow you to attach videos and external links (surveys, sign up forms, subscription lists, etc.), to make great first impressions, share contact information, and advertise services more engagingly. Digital business cards conveniently allow you to store all your contact information, web URLs and social media accounts in one place. If your contact information changes at any time, that information is automatically updated in the digital card, relieving the pain of having to reprint an entirely new set of cards. Digital cards are an eco-friendly alternative to paper business cards. Global Reach To exchange your tangible cards, you need to travel distances to contact people. This doesn't happen with digital business cards. You can share your card to anyone, even to a person not having the IDENCARD app on their smartphone. Modification in Real-Time Something you don't have on a physical card! In case of a physical card, you have to waste off the existing stock completely whenever there's a change in your info. Digital card apps make this process so easy and cost-effective. Whenever you make changes to your profile on your IDENCARD digital business card app, your connections list will also be updated with your modified info. Social Media Profile Links Again, something not possible with paper visiting cards! The IDENCARD app lets you add clickable links to your social media profiles. This is helpful in providing a better insight into your professional life and attracting their more attention. You can add clickable links to your Facebook, LinkedIn accounts etc. to make your digital business card more personal. They are Safe for the Environment To print paper cards, millions of trees are destroyed every year. Digital business cards save you from being a contributor to this cruelty. IDENCARD app is based on

Digital Business Card Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

Features of digital business card

✅ Attractive Look ✅ Cheap Cost ✅ Send to the client without saving No ✅ Company Details ✅ Social Links ✅ Your Plans ✅ Take Order On Whatsapp ✅ Generate Leads Via Form ✅ Change Details Anytime ✅ Easy To Share ✅ Multiple themes

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Digital Business Card Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

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Digital Business Card

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Digital Business Card

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Required Documents for make digital visiting Card

1. Company name 2. Name of the cardholder (first name, last name) 3. Designation (If any available) 4. Phone no, Email Id. 5. Alternate no. (If any available) 6. WhatsApp no. 7. Address 8. Email id (If any available) 9. Website (if any available) 10. Map Location (if any available) 11. Social media links eg.: Facebook link,Instagram link, twitter link, LinkedIn link, youtube channel link etc..( if any available) 12. About us content 13. Products/Services name and images (product 1, product 2...) (1 image per product) 14. Logo/profile image.

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Digital Business Card

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